Automotive Hail Repair

Automotive Hail Repair

Well, it is time again in Louisiana when hailstorms will take a toll on our vehicles and property. Hailstorms can dent up vehicles and once your vehicle is hit by a hailstorm, you have two options:

 Old Traditional Paint & Body Repair
 New Cutting Edge Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)


If your vehicle is not totaled by a hailstorm and if the paint is intact, it can be fixed using paintless dent removal (PDR).


We at X-A-Dent will save your vehicle’s factory finish and we don not send carfax reports. This is even better for those who want to sell the vehicle after the repair. PDR can help you preserve your car’s appearance, you can choose to pay out of pocket or file an insurance claim. Our team handle the insurance claim for you, we do all the legwork.


Most of the damage can be fixed using the X-A-Dent PDR process but we will give you honest advice and options that will suit you best.


The team a X-A-Dent has technicians have over two decades experience we only give our clients recommendations that are the best for their vehicles, we only provide the best options!


If you drive anywhere in New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner, Louisiana, and have hail damage, let us inspect your vehicle, we are sure that we will find the solution. We also understand that having your vehicle repaired can be a source of stress. Our fast and affordable service is geared to make your experience positive.


We at X-A-Dent are dedicated to save your time and money while giving you a peace of mind that you get working with someone you trust. We became leaders in PDR by satisfying our clients, giving them the best service possible.


We can remove hail damage within a day or two, if there is light damage, then that could be repaired within hours.


Risk-Free Guarantee


At X-A-Dent we provide a Lifetime Guarantee on all work we do.


We’re only happy when you are completely satisfied with our repair.


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