Dent Repair & Removal

Ford Dent Repair & Removal

Even though they may be built Ford tough they still manage to get dings. Here at X-A-Dent, we specialize in fixing dents in a way that suits your needs. Bring us your Mustang, Fiesta, EcoSport, Explorer, Ranger, Truck, Fusion, Escape, Edge, Expedition, Taurus, Hybrid or any other Ford model.

How It Works

Our technicians use Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), a process that fixes dents from behind to avoid harming your Ford’s original paint job. There are no strange chemicals, no bonding agents, and no need for additional treatments once the dents are fixed.

Our Commitment to Your Convenience

At X-A-Dent, we don’t think that getting dents fixed should interrupt the rest of your life. We focus on providing solid, predictable estimates. Our location is convenient to all of metro Athens with a clean, outfitted waiting room – and a front office staff who communicate. We’ll work with you to make your repair fast and effective.

How long will it take to repair my Ford’s dents?

That depends on the number of dents, their size, and where on your vehicle they’re located. In most cases, though, dents can be fixed in one hour of work or less. Especially bad cases (like multiple severe dents all over the vehicle’s body, or a large number of small dents after a hailstorm) may take longer.
 *Disclaimer – X-A-Dent is not affiliated with Ford or authorized Ford dealerships. 
For more information about how X-A-Dent can fix your Ford’s dents, or to schedule an appointment and get it looking like new again, contact X-A-Dent today.