Dent Repair & Removal

GMC Dent Repair & Removal

If your GMC’s body has been blemished you immediately call the dealership or a body shop – but that isn’t always the right choice. There’s no denying that body shops are what you need if your car has suffered extensive damage, but they aren’t needed for simple dents and dings. This is where we step in.
X-A-Dent uses a Paintless Dent Repair process that can fix the creases in your vehicle without the time or hassle of a trip to the body shop.

PDR? Never heard of it…

Paintless Dent Repair works by carefully removing the damaged panel, then massaging the metal back into place with special portable tools. 
Best of all, there are no strange bonding agents or chemicals involved. When we’re done fixing the damage to your vehicle, it will look as close to new as it’s possible to get. In fact, Paintless Dent Repair is the same technique many dealerships use to repair dents in vehicles still on their lot.

How fast can you fix the dents in my GMC?

The majority of repairs are done in less than one hour. If your vehicle has more damage than most, it may take longer than average to fix. Before you hire us, our team can look at photos of the damage and give you a better estimate of exactly how long it will take to repair your vehicle. Acadia, Canyon, Sierra, Terrain bring your GMC to us.
Disclaimer – X-A-Dent is not affiliated with GMC or authorized GMC dealerships.
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