Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage Repair

Let’s face it, hail damage doesn’t give you time to react. While your vehicle is at your workplace
Shopping mall or at the grocery store, Mother Nature can hit anytime and this becomes something that is difficult to deal with. But do not worry.


Paintless Dent Removal is a popular repair option for many vehicle owners who want to preserve their vehicle’s factory finish.


X-A-Dent is a leader in repairing hail damage. For over 20 years, X-A-Dent has flawlessly repaired hail damage at an affordable cost, minimizing stress and maximizing customer satisfaction.


Why PDR is Ideal for Hail Damage?


It is quick: PDR is the fastest method out there to have to repair your hail-damaged vehicle. The extent of the damage will dictate the cost and the time of delivery. At X-A-Dent, most of our repairs take a day or two. We give our customers an accurate estimate; we tell them how quickly their vehicle can be repaired.


It’s less invasive: Unlike traditional auto body repair, paintless dent removal does not involve grinding the finish, sanding, & Painting. We keep your factory finish original.


We guarantee that our repairs last forever; Our clients are the most important asset we have and we will go to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction.


We recommend that you have your PDR done by a professional. This will prevent further damage to your vehicle. PDR is not a DIY job, it is done by professionals how are trained in the craft and that is why they have the ability to do it expertly every time. An inexperienced person with a PDR kit bought from amazon would not be able to get the desired results.
Let us help you restore your vehicle back to its pre-damaged condition. We will take the storm out of your vehicle and out of your life.


Don’t let hail damage put a frown on your face. We have the tools and the experience to restore your vehicle perfectly.


Risk-Free Guarantee, We Work With All Insurance Companies!


At X-A-Dent we provide a Lifetime Guarantee on all work we do. We’re only happy when you are completely satisfied with our repair.


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