Dent Repair & Removal

Jaguar Dent Repair & Removal

X-A-Dent is a locally owned and operated automotive specialist based in Metairie, LA. We can repair dents and dings in your Jaguar with our efficient and effective paintless dent repair process.

How Does It Work?

If you have a minor dent but the paint job is still intact, paintless dent repair may be right for you. With an array of specialized tools, our pros slowly form the metal body of your vehicle back to its original shape. Since we are not a traditional body shop, we have flexible scheduling and a focused service. Plus, we can be done in under an hour depending on the location, number, and extent of the denting.

What Does PDR Cost?

You will discover that our services are much more affordable than those offered by the body shops serving Athens and Metro Atlanta. That’s not to say the body shops are overcharging. It’s just that fixing dents is all that we do, and we’re pretty good at it. 
Our Jaguar dent repair & removal process is streamlined for maximum efficiency and cost-savings. The final cost of your repair will depend on where you dinged your Jaguar, the type of dent, where we have to drive to do the work, and your car’s model and year. 
You might also consider using your insurance to cover the cost of the repairs, though we’ve found that the costs are usually much lower than our clients’ deductibles.
*Disclaimer – X-A-Dent is not affiliated with Jaguar or authorized Jaguar dealerships.
Bring us your Jaguar XJ, F-PACE, XF, F-TYPE and XE. Let our experts take care of it. We fix dents on Jaguars of any color or body type. For a free consultation, contact us today.