Land Rover

Dent Repair & Removal

Land Rover Dent Repair & Removal

Uh oh…you’ve dented your Land Rover. Now what? Feeling the stress of how much its going to cost to fix this imperfection? No need let X-A-Dent handle this little bump in the road. 
Forget the dealership and the overpriced body shops, there’s a better solution… Though there’s no denying body shops provide excellent service, they’re simply not the right choice for your Land Rover if the problem is just a ding or bend. 
The smart solution is paintless dent removal. Here at X-A-Dent, located in Metairie, LA, we offer the best Land Rover dent repair and removal. 

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a process that uses specially crafted tools to fix dents, dings, and bends in your car without expensive work. The tools enable us to bend the damaged panel of your car with precise movements. These movements allow us to move the panel back to its original shape and position. 
Paintless dent repair is also extremely delicate. There will be no further damage to your vehicle, or to its paint job, during the process. 

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If your Land Rover or Discovery has recently received a dent, ding, or bump, we’re here to help. We proudly serve The Greater New Orleans Metro Area.
*Disclaimer – X-A-Dent is not affiliated with Land Rover or authorized Land Rover dealerships. 
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