Dent Repair & Removal

Maserati Dent Repair & Removal

Whether it’s a Gran Turismo, the Quattroporte or the Levante the one thing that all of these vehicles have in common is the fact that you would like them to stay flawless. Unfortunately, that’s just not reality. So when your perfection gets an imperfection…Call X-A-Dent for some PDR.
PDR is a repair and removal technique that is not only highly effective, but also costs much less than taking your Maserati to a body shop.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

We then use special tools to gently massage out body damage. Our technicians use carefully refined technique to pull out dent and dings. The end result of paintless dent repair is a dent-free, ding-free, crease-free Maserati.

How Does X-A-Dent Work?

X-A-Dent is a locally owned and operated business located in Metairie, LA. We are 100% focused on dent repair. Not only does this make paintless dent repair nearly effortless for you, but it also greatly cuts down on scheduling conflicts & estimates since we don’t operate with the same overhead or distraction as body shops. The result of this is more effective work for you. Free Quote
*Disclaimer – X-A-Dent is not affiliated with Maserati or authorized Maserati dealerships.
Contact us at X-A-Dent for your free quote today. Our costs take your car make and model into consideration as well as the extent and type of damage.