Auto Body & Paint

Collision Repair, Bumper Repair, Auto Paint & More...

We’re not just your go-to destination for paintless dent repair, oh no! We go above and beyond to offer a complete range of services to make your vehicle look its absolute best. 🛠️ From expert collision repairs to bumper makeovers and flawless auto paint jobs, our skilled team of veteran auto body technicians has got you covered!

ut what truly sets us apart? It’s the expertise and passion of our veteran auto body technicians. They have the experience and skills to work their magic on any vehicle that comes their way. They’re like the automotive wizards of X-A-Dent! We work with all insurance companies and can handle your claim.

For Auto Body Service, Please Call: 504-259-3368

State of The Art Auto Body & Collision Repair. Frame, Unibody & Structural Repairs. 

  • We work with all insurance companies.
  • We have certified technicians.
  • Ferrari, Lamborghini & other exotic car owners use and trust us.
  • Fast turn around. 

Expert auto paint and color matching system. 

Whether you need a complete paint job, bumper repainting or touch up, we got you covered.  Our state-of-the-art computer database ensures the utmost accuracy.